Mitch Altman Electronics Workshops

Update: Photos:

We’ve had tons of people attend and Mitch tought a fabulous 3+ hr session on all things electronics and soldering!

We’re having the distinct pleasure to be hosting Mitch Altman on his Hackers on a Train Tour around North America.  Mitch is a San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, best known for co-founding 3ware, his pioneering work in Virtual Reality, inventing TV-B-Gone and co-founding Noisebridge, now one of largest hacker spaces in the world.


He will be giving two workshops: Instruction is free, and cost for parts is $30 for each.


Tue August 14th, 7pm: Electronics Kits workshop at Altspace in Seattle.
Wed August 15th, 7pm: Arduino for Newbies Work Shop at Black Lodge Research in Redmond.


If you’re interested in either or both events, please fill out the form below!
See you there !
Mike & Don


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  1. Park Quan says:

    Thanks for the info on the workshops.

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